11″ Solid Latex Balloons


  • One solid color balloon
  • Helium
  • Ribbon



  • 11″ quality latex balloon
  • Call or stop in store to order your balloons
  • Comes in 43 different solid colors, pictures may very in color from actual balloon
  • Some have a silk or satin shine to them
  • Balloons last 6-8 hours
  • Extend the lifetime of your balloon, add Hi-Float for $.29 per balloon.




Solid Latex Balloons: $1.45 per balloon

Balloon Weights: $1.99 per weight

Hi-Float (optional, but extends the lifetime of your balloon): $0.29 per balloon

Delivery (within 10 mile radius of store): $15(Click here to view full terms and conditions)

Balloon Transport Bag: $0.99

Additional information


Bright White, Silk White, Silk Ivory, Pitch Black, Silk Black, Silver, Gold, Chrome Gold, Rose Gold, Hot Pink, Real Pink, Silk Pink, Magenta, Satin Rasberry, Watermelon Red, Satin Red, Deep Burgundy, Coral, Orange, Butterscotch, Silk Yellow, Sun Yellow, Lime, Deep Jade, Satin Green, Forest Green, Silk Seafoam, Aquamarine, Island Blue, Deep Turquoise, Sky Blue, Silk Blue, Robin's Egg, Bright Blue, Satin Royal Blue, Midnight Blue, Satin Navy, Periwinkle, Silk Lilac, Luscious Lavender, Satin Purple, Regal Purple, Brown, Clear


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